Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Alchemical Tarot Rap

(I made this while on kratom, using OpenOffice, and listening to Sia's “1000 Forms of Fear,” then Selena Gomez's “Revival”)
THE ALCHEMICAL TAROT, based on the same-named 1995 book by
ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY (she sent it back in time from the Future) and
ROBERT M. PLACE (he added the Neoplatonic and Tarot symbols)

The Alchemical Tarot is the most powerful Tarot
It is the Great Work, each card is a step, like the pyramids—be your own pharaoh
So come take a journey, come take a journey, come take a journey with me!
Come take a journey, to this House (/Country/World) party!

(0) Zero: THE FOOL is the Alchemist, he's blindfolded at first, representin' ignorance
Sit down fool, you ain't cool; I am the white rabbit, like B. Rabbit from 8 Mile in your shit
Use your other senses to hear me, taste me, touch me, smell me, feel me
Just “Come With Me,” like Puff Daddy from Godzilla, he went mean.

(I) One: THE MAGICIAN is the prima materia, he is the matter of the Great Work itself
He is the Anima Mundi, merged with THE WORLD at the end of yourself
He is the Philosopher's Stone and is the key to transmutation
Strive for deeper perception, let the rabbit be your transportation.

(II) Two: THE HIGH PRIESTESS is not showing the vow of silence
Instead her finger's to her lips like baby Horus, sucking, not Harpokrates
Represents the language of silence. THE FOOL was blind, but she's quiet, quite unlike me
She is the doorway, so shut your mouth, open your eyes, and follow me!

(III) Three: THE EMPRESS has the three kingdoms in her womb—animal, vegetable, and mineral.
She represents the alchemical vessel, nurturing THE MAGICIAN's Philosopher Stone for real
Grounded by the earth and guided by her heart
Don't let the Stone abort, tend the womb, don't fart!

(IV) Four: THE EMPEROR is the Man and the breeze in the air, plus the Ego
He is Zeus/Jupiter, connected to the heavens, what how he go
keeps his feet on the ground, while still reachin' towards the sky
He is your anchor, your lifeline, so hook it up and follow me, don't ask why!

(V) Five: THE HIEROPHANT is the opposite of THE EMPRESS, he's an open secret
He is the fifth element, the ether, the quinta essentia, they way you keep it
Let virtue be your guide, young buck, you have much to learn before you fell a bit
Integrate the knowledge at the end of the solutio—your prima materia is dissolved into four elements

(VI) Six: THE LOVERS recombine the dissolved prima materia back into unity
combine THE EMPRESS's female energy with THE EMPEROR's masculinity
Joy! Desire! Sensual pleasure! Balance the male and female. Harmony!
Careful though, you can still be disrupted, young grasshopper, trust Mr. Miagi.

(VII) Seven: THE CHARIOT is THE LOVERS's progeny/son who flies off into the Sun
Not careful enough, he falls from his ascension to the underworld and is stunned
Impatience caught you, you were too fast, too careless, but I couldn't care less
It is as it was meant to be, now recenter, refocus.

(VIII) Eight: JUSTICE. Weigh the scales, or turn her into the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
Left, right, or center? I chopped that bitch up with a 10 inch knife, slice.
She is death, Egyptian Maat, weighing the souls of the dead
Right action should be based on sound judgment and truth, it's all in your head.

(IX) Nine: THE HERMIT, he's the male progeny, screaming “I do reign” from Fortune's wheel
The black raven is Saturn, ruler of the darkness from Hell
Now your recombined, re-balanced prima materia can be dissolved again
Don't forget the ouroboros: meditation! Let Hermes Trismegistus help you begin.

(X) Ten: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE has four segments, let them rain
“I will reign,” “I do reign,” “I have reigned,” “I am without reign”
Fortuna. Vortumma. Moirai. Fates. Clotho. Lachesis. Atropos. Primigenia. Bona. Mala.
Hot. Cold. Dry. Moist. What goes up must come down. Fate's merry-go-round 'till manyana.

(XI) Eleven: STRENGTH is the libido, which must be conquered, made unwild
Tame that lion, ride your own dragon, rage is fuel for the fire of your burning desire
Use your own inner strength, you don't need mine.
Do not tame it (overpower), instead love your animalistic self, unwind.

(XII) Twelve: THE HANGED MAN sows his gold into foliated earth made fiery, subtle, and airy
He says, “I did reign” as he hangs like Odin from the World Tree Yggdrasil, scary
Don't forget the serpent, for he is Christ, according to the Gnostics
Do not despair your fall, for this is all necessary, all of it.

(XIII) Thirteen: DEATH grinds earnestly until it be possessed of the intensity of blackness
All we are is dust in the wind, Like Bill and Ted taught Socrates, it's so great, no whackness
Ready for a new beginning, death is necessary for a fresh start
Allow the old to pass away, it is essential for your fresh start.

(XIV) Fourteen: TEMPERANCE is new life; it is art, imitating nature
Music is my art, now turn around and face your future.
New continually renewed life, the Great Goddess, sustaining THE WORLD
Achieve harmony beyond consciousness that simply IS, Isis ice-cream swirl.

(XV) Fifteen: THE DEVIL comes about after THE CHARIOTeer grown fucks the Great Goddess
Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite, dual-sexed and united with Salmacis
THE DEVIL is a slave to your baser instincts, admire them, y'all
Carl Jung termed it the Shadow—integrate them all!

(XVI) Sixteen: THE TOWER is the oven of alchemy, the cauldron, your body, preparing the elixir
Once lightning strikes, a little pressure is applied, squishing you into a diamond quicker
And they are forever: spiritually illuminating. Cracked but not destroyed. Showing strength.
Weather the storm, and anything is possible, you don't need a shrink.

(XVII) Seventeen: THE STAR has pathway with the ten sephirot of the Tree of Life like mathway
Baptize yourself, wash away THE DEVIL, and send your Spirit on this pathway:
Sol, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars Saturn. Merge with the Ether, it is the horos of the pleroma
THE STAR is your guide to a higher consciousness. The peace after the storm. The whores like Fionna.

(XVIII) Eighteen: THE MOON is medicine, the lesser stone, white/silver like Proactive
Diana has two hounds: one dark and sitting (passive), one light and standing (active)
Patience, rest, and reflection come in the night before the dawn outside
I Ching says, “strength is on the inside, and glad acceptance is on the outside.”

(XIX) Nineteen: THE SUN is the citrinitas, where the spiritual sun joins his lover, the moon.
The aurora is a state of radiant health and wellbeing. We are cleansed. Now swoon.
Jung said the animus joins our consciousness thru the four integrated aspects:
Feminine, Masculine, Persona, and Shadow don't go half specs.

(XX) Twenty: JUDGEMENT is Gabriel resurrecting THE LOVERS to rejoin Sol and Luna
JUDGEMENT is a time of rejuvenation and healing, like the bright full Moon-ah
Let go of what is dead or meaningless. Right your wrongs. Design your own experiences.
Look to the future, base JUDGEMENT on the truth of your experiences.

(XXI) Twenty-One: THE WORLD is the final red stage, the culmination of the Great Work
The Anima Mundi surrounded by the winged lion, bull, eagle, and man, like teamwork.
Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are there to lend a hand off it
“This stone is had in small regard \ With men of slender wit \ But yet the wise and learned sort \ Make great account of it.”

THE FOOL is free, now takeoff your blindfolds and Come With Me
He who has eyes to see, let him Sea
and float across the waves of reality; this is Alchemy, and

THE WORLD is Yours

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